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Here at Broadway Retreat we provide expertise with all the latest technologies to transform your Skin, Face and Body. 

We specialise in;

Advanced Skin and Laser Treatments

Aesthetic Injectable Treatments

Facial and Body contouring.

We also carry out Surgical Consultations onsite.

All our treatments are carried out by our Surgical Doctor

and/or our Team of highly qualified and experienced Laser Skin Aestheticians.



Whether you are in your 40's, 50's, 60's or beyond...and wanting to restore a more youthful, rejuvenated look...or you're in your 20's or 30's and wanting to take some preventative measures to ensure your face maintains it's shape and structure for as long as possible, we have a range of treatments to help you achieve your goal



Our skin has to last us a lifetime...so it makes sense to look after it on a regular basis. We can provide you with a variety of treatments and products that help you maintain your skin's wrinkle free appearance, or minimise lines that have begun to appear. We can also provide clinical solutions for the removal of moles and tags and the minimising of scars



With treatments including laser hair removal, fat reduction and the minimising of scars and striae, we will help you maintain a smooth, healthy, sculpted figure. We can also help you address any perspiration concerns you may have that can be socially restricting and cause embarrassment



Although we provide the finest variety of aesthetic treatments available on the market there will always be occasions where the nature of the change required is better served through surgery. Having our resident Surgical Doctor, Mr. Shah, allows us to also provide a suite of surgical options

The Leading Names in Aesthetics!

At Broadway Retreat, we only use recognised brands that are both safe and effective. If  you want to find out how you can become the very best version of you but aren't sure what the best treatments are to achieve what you want, then book in for a consultation and we'll discuss your options for achieving that natural, youthful look!

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