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Treatment shown is elōs Motif laser hair removal...

Here to help you achieve the best version of YOU!

Here at Broadway Retreat we are a focussed, and experienced Team, led by our resident Surgical Doctor, Mr Shah, with the sole aim of providing you with the very best, medically proven aesthetic treatments whilst ensuring your comfort and safety at all times.

Mr. Shah is a highly experienced surgeon with multiple areas of speciality and expertise, who has worked at several major hospitals around the UK. He is extremely patient centric taking a personalised approach to every case to ensure his patients understand every aspect of their treatment and what results they can expect. We are in the unique position in comparison to other aesthetic clinics in that in addition to our expansive range of aesthetic treatments we are also able to offer you a range of surgeries to ensure we can achieve the very best version of you!

See our suite of surgical options with Mr. Shah here.

The balance of our Team are all highly qualified Aestheticians who share the same patient focus to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. With a minimum of ten years experience across all types of treatments you will always be in capable, safe and experienced hands!

Our modern clinic is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art devices and products that have been hand picked for their proven results and safety record. We have aimed to provide you with a comfortable, professional environment in which we are able to discuss your concerns, your potential treatment options and then make them a reality for you!

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